Wednesday, March 23, 2011

10 Best: Philip Seymour Hoffman

 Whenever that silly game is played where you suggest the actor or actress that might play you in a movie, I always pick Philip Seymour Hoffman.  We don't necessarily look anything alike but we have similar builds and I'm pretty sure he could manage a fairly skillful performance of a mildly depressed, shabbily dressed, vaguely out of shape bookstore manager/movie blogger.  If I loose any more hair or get dramatically uglier I'm going to have to start going with Paul Giamatti.
While going through all of Hoffman's movies I was kind of struck by how few really good movies he has done.  I'm not really in love with all of the movies on this list.  For the most part, Hoffman is in pretty good movies.  They're all pretty good.  You like some more than others but you can understand why he'd be in the ones he's in.  Save a few duds in his early career (Patch Adams?  This is probably one of the worst movies I've sat all the way through but at least he's the bad guy.  Honestly, Snatch Adams, the porn parody, has more realistic performances).  He's one of those actors where you think he's always good even if the movie isn't.  That isn't quite true but everyone lays a few eggs.  He is a pretty good barometer actor.  Here are his ten best:

10. Almost Famous

9. State and Main

8. The 25th Hour

7. The Talented Mr. Ripley

6. Doubt

5. Synechdoche, New York

4. Capote

3. Happiness

2. The Big Lebowski

1. Boogie Nights

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