Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Best: Danny Trejo

 Danny Trejo is someone whose face you knew long before you figured out his name.  It's an iconic face but not necessarily an iconic career.  But that's not what we're judging Danny Trejo on.  The very fact that he exists is enough to cheer about.  The fact that he has 27 credits in 2010 alone is something to be happy about.  Even if the only one you saw was Machete.  Even if the only one you've heard of is Machete.  He is a straight to video demon.  And I laud him for it.  Why?  Because he's a working actor.  If you watch Champion the documentary about his life and realize what might have and probably would've been had he not steered into the straight and narrow you get an even better appreciation for his career.  These are the 10 best movies he's been in, he hasn't always had the biggest role in them but just his presence is enough:

 10. Anaconda

9. Con Air

 8. Spy Kids

 7. Anchorman

6. Desperado


 5. Sherrybaby

4. Smiley Face

3. Machete

2. Animal Factory

1. Mi Vida Loca

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