Monday, March 21, 2011

10 Best: Movies of the 90's

 I spent a great portion of the 90's working at a couple of movie theaters in my hometown.  This is the sign for one of them.  I used to have to climb onto the roof and then down onto the overhang that supported this sign, then I'd have to spell out the movies and times with a long pole that had a suction cup at the end.  It was bullshit.  I have a hard enough time typing Miss Congeniality without dry heaving, let alone trying to fit it onto that dumb fucking sign.  The 90's was also when I became obsessed with movies.  My dad had been trying to kindle that fire for a long time by showing me movies like Greaser's Palace and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.  But I had to discover some stuff on my own.  And even though the 90's was a boon for independent cinema, most of those movies feel dated and boring now.  There was also the problem of the influx in shitty crime movies.  Thanks, Tarantino.  Here are the ten best movies, counting down from 10:

10. Chungking Express

9. The Thin Red Line

8. Raise the Red Lantern

7, Malcolm X

6. Boogie Nights

5. La Haine

 4. Rushmore

3. The Unforgiven

2.  The Silence of the Lambs

1. Goodfellas

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