Monday, March 21, 2011

10 Best: Kurt Russell

I've always loved Kurt Russell.  He's never blown anyone away with a tour de force performance but he's solid, he's a rock.  He never half asses a role.  I'm not sure which movie it was that first started cemented my support for Kurt Russell.  It's got to either be Overboard or The Best of Times.  It's too bad that the Best of Times has Robin Williams in it.  I've always wanted to treat Robin Williams the way Kurt Russell treats him in the Best of Times, with no respect, constantly reminded him that he did something wrong.  I may never get that chance but I can express my gratitude for all the joy the various Kurt Russell movies have brought me.  Here are the ten best Kurt Russell movies counting down from 10.

10. Tango and Cash

9. Backdraft

8. The Fox and the Hound

7. Big Trouble in Little China

6. The Best of Times

5. Overboard

4. Escape from New York

3. Tombstone

2, Used Cars

1. The Thing

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