Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Best: 70's Science Fiction

I've never been an avid SF reader.  I have been getting more and more into it of late but I'm still not completely enthralled by the genre.  I have, however, always loved SF movies.  There hasn't been very many good ones lately, Hollywood for some reason decided that we only needed SF movies where a whole bunch of shit explodes.  None of them really have any science in them.  They're just action movies with aliens. There have been a few quality small films, Primer, Time Crimes to name a couple that rank among some of my favorite all time.  My favorite period for SF movies is definitely the seventies, even though it's kind of the birth of the big budget action SF without any science supporting its plot.  Here are the ten best Science Fiction movies from the 1970's: 

10. The Man Who Fell to Earth

9. Sleeper

8, Logan's Run

7. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

6. Silent Running

5. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

 4. A Clockwork Orange

 3. Star Wars

2. Alien

1. Solaris

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