Saturday, September 4, 2010

Serbian Film (Srpski film)

If you peruse in the realm of underground film and video nasties you may have already caught wind of Serbian Film. Catch phrases such as "THE most sicking movie EVER made" have been associated to it and just recently at SXSW (first screening in the USA as I understand) word of mouth says one moviegoer passed out and broke their nose trying to escape the horror being presented to them onscreen. This would all seem trivial to me given that extreme cinema seems to be at its peak; I feel like I read about the next big gross out movie every other week.

A little background first... I grew up on horror movies and seeked out many of the extreme horror movies of the world passionately for years. I gave up this search a few years back (there is only so much one can watch) but decided to give Serbian film a whirl after reading a few reactions it was receiving.

Why is any of this important??
Because I feel I have plenty of backing to proclaim that Serbian film IS one of the most (if not THE most) vile and disturbing films ever made.

Serbians film premise can be seen in the preview (first being the censored cut, second being the original Red Line trailer, warning, its graphic):

A Serbian Film - Trailer
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It would be worthless to go into any details on why Serbian film is so sick and twisted that it puts others in the same genre to shame (it would not be fit in this context, has to be seen in the original form) but it is worthwhile to note that seldom has there been (if ever) a movie in the "shock N Gore" genre that is so polished; great camerawork, surprisingly good acting, above average FX and a score of various electronica tracks by a single composer that is very fitting and true to the grittiness of the film. Whew! That being out of the way (its somewhat difficult to give praise to Serbian film) I would have a hard time recommending this movie to anyone. As lame as it feals to say Serbian film is the creame of the crop for "torture porn" movies , well, it really is.

It personally satisfies me to see a film come along out side of movies that made the "torture porn" genre mainstream (Saw, Hostel and plenty of other American "horror" garbage) and proceed to piss all over them WHILE putting the nail in the coffin for any others who might think they are the next big shock. Not only did Serbian film make all before it seem as childsplay it really leaves no room for anything to come after, end of story. While many proclaim to be shocking and unbearable they prematurely fail at this due to favoring a certain type of audience while keeping a safe "R" rating. Serbian film on the other hand does not give a flying fuck about ratings and satisfying any audience which is somewhat respectable. If this genre of film is noteworthy at all them Serbian film is the most worthwhile and easily number one.

Well folks, if it was not clear before, here it is : You want the most fucked up , shocking, in-your-face and no holding back anything for the imagination movie ever made??? Serbian film it is. If your in Tucson and would want to glory of seeing this on the big screen (you sick person you) it will be playing at the Underground Arizona Film fest later this month. Way to go Tucson! A graphic of Serbian Film on the awesome "keep Tucson shitty" t-shirt with the screening date (2nd time in America) would be a good idea.. Hell, this movie just got pulled from one of the most premiere fantasy and horror film festivals (Frightfest UK) due to content; the UK Board of Film Classification wanted to apply 49 individual cuts to the film – around four minutes worth of material....

You have been warned, these images will linger in the sub concise for a while, not easily shaken and if I was in the gun to head scenario forced to make a decision on Serbian film I would give it a hesitantly positive mark.

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