Saturday, September 4, 2010

Black Death

I watched this last night, pretty good flick, great costumes and scenery (Germany I think?? Great forests and ruins).. For being a movie about the black plague it was really not that gruesome and quite entertaining, great characters ... but poor Sean Bean, guy just cant get a break in any movie nor does the future look to bright - from this role to Ned Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones (Oh man, I can't wait!), poor guy, but even so Ulric (Sean Bean's character) is pretty bad ass in his devotion to 1300's era Christianity (aka blind faith) to the very... err (spoiler!) end... Could Borimer handle this daunting position that was cast over him in this film? Not even! If that crappy ring was a package deal that included being drawn and quartered would its brainwashing zeal actually work? The band of questing outcasts in this film are pretty bitchin as well, see for yourself :

That guy way to the left, "Mold", is seriously bad-ass, right up to the very (shit.. spoiler) end.. The dude 2nd to the right, "Ivo" is also a tough bastard (right to the very..!.. err , nevermind), I duno who would win a kill off with Mold, but Ivo would definitely be close ... that dude to the far right would not even be close and is hands down the puss of the bunch, cant you tell?

There are a couple movies that seem sort of in the same vein as this that I want to see : Valhalla Rising and centurion and another I saw called Sauna that was good ... All seem like darker mid-budget "period" films and so far two out of four are worthy of praise, 'tis nice to see some variety out there.

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