Sunday, September 26, 2010

Movies to Revisit: The Bad News Bears

The Bad News Bears

The Bad News Bears is possibly the greatest baseball, or even sports, movie ever made.  If you disagree, we could talk about it but you'd probably be wrong because you'd probably say three words in conjunction that I never want to hear again for the rest of my life, Field of Dreams.  Field of Dreams is dog shit.  If it's your favorite movie you don't know anything about baseball, or life.  Anyway, if you haven't seen The Bad News Bears in awhile I highly urge you to check it out again.  It has so many things going for it.  Just watch the trailer.  Note that in 1976 a trailer deemed appropriate for all audiences contained both the word "nigger" as well as "spic."  And look at the way Walter Matthau (for years I thought of him as Buttermaker in his other movie roles as if in his previous life he had been an actor not a minor league baseball player who struck out Ted Williams) chews the fuck out of the scenery.  I can't recommend this movie highly enough, if just for seventies kitsch.  It has a classic seventies actor, Matthau and a classic 70's director in Michael Ritchie.  Plus Kelly Leak defines middle school bad ass in this movie.
I wasn't even going to address the remake but feel like I have to say something:  It sucks.

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