Thursday, November 11, 2010

Recently Revisited: Dune


The other night I mentioned to Lauren that I had probably seen Dune only once or twice.  Though there is the distinct possibility that my dad took me to see it in the theater, I don't remember.  She was aghast, it being one of her very favorite movies to watch repeatedly.  I told her it was also my least favorite David Lynch movie which may or may not still be true, I'm not sure.  I never finished Inland Empire so I think that has to technically be my least favorite.  The next night we watched it, thanks Netflix, and I have to say that I think it was better than I originally thought.
Dune is known for being a huge flop, check out this review by Roger Ebert.  He really rakes it over the coals. I'm not going to champion Dune for being some sort of cinematic masterpiece but I don't think it's that bad.  He fairly compares it to Star Wars and it does come up short in that regard but at this point I was comparing it to other David Lynch movies.  It made for kind of a fun watch, looking for spaces to find David Lynch in the movie.  Not the actor just his style.  Although how funny would it have been if Gordon from Twin Peaks showed up during basically any scene in the movie.  The mind boggles.  Also I didn't know Big Ed from Twin Peaks was in it at all.  That was fucking awesome.
Watching this movie again I was also left to wonder, why is it that David Lynch is the only director who can get a decent performance out of Kyle Maclachlan?  Seriously he sucks in everything else.  He will always have a place in my heart for his role in Showgirls though (a movie my dad and I definitely saw in the theater).
I did have to keep asking Lauren questions about why the characters were doing the things they were doing and I did get seriously grossed out by the fat guy's disgusting boils but I liked the movie nonetheless.  I just sort of liked the odd pageantry of it.  Yeah, the special effects sucked and the acting was fair at best but there is something about it that I just kind of got into.  I still have to say it's the worst David Lynch movie I've finished watching though.

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