Sunday, April 17, 2011

News Flash! Nicholas Cage Arrested.

Nicolas Cage was arrested the other day in New Orleans.  He was there filming a movie.  It seems as though he got shit faced drunk and had a pretty heated argument with his wife about which house it was they were renting.  The police were called when the argument intensified.  Apparently Cage was insistent that the house they were renting was the one they were arguing in front of, which it was not.   What isn't mentioned in any of the stories and what I'm kind of dying to know is, how wrong was he about the house.  I mean, if it's a couple of doors down and all the houses look the same in that neighborhood, I could maybe see not being quite sure which one you've been staying in.  Especially if you got fucking hammered the way you can get fucking hammered in the 'Nola.  I get the feeling though that he was in the wrong neighborhood in the wrong part of town.  I'm also pretty positive that his wife knew exactly what house they were renting.
So by the time the police show up, Nicolas Cage has been witnessed attempting to drag his wife to a waiting cab by the arm.  She wouldn't get in and the cab driver wouldn't leave.  Apparently Cage just sat there in the cab then while everyone else just waited until the cops showed up.  He was then arrested for domestic abuse and disturbing the peace.  I guess he was also running around punching cars.  I bet it was the classic Cage freak out that's been missing from the last few Cage movies.  I also wonder if some wiseacre cop tried to slip this image in as his mugshot down at Central Booking:

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