Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Best: Better Movie Than A Book

You hear all the time that the book is better than the movie made from said book.  It may typically be true but it isn't always the case.  For the record, I think that film and literature are such different mediums that they're hardly comparable and to compare and contrast at any great length is pointless.  I don't think any of the books on this list are great works but they were all at least decent reads.  I also could have practically made this a list of Stanley Kubrick movies.  Probably with the exception of Lolita, Full Metal Jacket and maybe a Clockwork Orange the movies are all better.  I also refrained from putting more than one movie based on a Stephen King novel.  I was able to kill two birds with one stone by picking The Shining.  I'm going to do a whole week of literature and film posts, this is the first, ten movies that are better than the books they were based on:

The Shining


The Exorcist

The Godfather

Children of Men

Rosemary's Baby

Tell No One

Red Lights


The Bridge On the River Kwai

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