Sunday, December 5, 2010

What the Fuck?: The Beaver

The Beaver

Ricky posted this trailer on my Facebook page.  I had so many questions but only one would come out, "What the fuck?"  I was positive it was a joke for for the first half of the trailer and then I thought, "Wow, they sure are making a comprehensive joke trailer with a lot of famous people in it."  Then I realized it was real.  I'm so confused.  Probably more confused then I was by this thing Amy posted.  I feel so bad for Jodie Foster who for some reason also directed this movie.  I feel bad for everyone involved and everyone that sees it which is probably going to me because this looks so fucking terrible and weird it has cult classic written all over it.  I also can't believe after all the, totally deserved, trouble Mel Gibson has been in for calling his girlfriend a cunt and that he decided to star in a movie with a stuffed beaver puppet.

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