Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Ten Intentionally Funniest Movies of 2001-2010 (In No Particular Order)

The Boss of It All

You might not expect it from Lars Von Trier but he fucking nails this one.  It is quite possibly my favorite of all of his films.  It is probably the highest concept comedy on the list.  There aren't a lot of extremely funny moments but the whole movie comes together better than any other movie on the list.

Wet Hot American Summer

This is the movie on the list that diminishes the most after every viewing.  Luckily I've only seen it three times.  Most of the stuff from the State people has sucked pretty hard, with the exception of Wainy Days, but this is probably the best they've had to offer.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

This is the only one of the Apatow movies that I really think is funny.  When he refers to a woman's breasts as "bags of sand" it kills me every time.  Nothing in this movie really touches Freaks and Geeks though.  Or even Undeclared.  I'm glad Apatow is going back to TV.


Ben Stiller is weirdly on in this one.  I have to say, taking into account all of his films, in a consensual setting, no one looks less fun to have sex with than Ben Stiller.  He totally mastered the awkward sex scene.

Tropic Thunder

This movie barely made the cut because of how much I hate Tom Cruise in it.  However, the ratio of times Robert Downey Jr spoke and times I laughed is outlandish.  Everything he said cracked me up.  Jay Baruchel is really funny in this one too.  Danny McBride has some good stuff too.  There's a lot to like, though I bet Lauren hates this movie.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I think this movie marks the last time Val Kilmer was still Val Kilmer.  Have you seen him lately?  He looks like George Costanza's over stuffed wallet.  A lot of people haven't seen this movie for whatever reason but I think you should .  Val Kilmer is fucking hilarious in it.

In Bruges

I was really surprised by this movie.  Normally I can't stand Colin Farrell but he's great in this.  Ralph Fiennes kind of steals the show though.  The first scene in this clip is one of my favorites.  It's a little weird out of context but it really kills in the movie.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

It was hard to decide which of Wes Anderson's movies was the funniest.  I finally decided on this one because it basically made me happy the whole time I was watching it.  There aren't a lot of movies that I can say that about.  Not many at all.


Everyone knows I love Nicholas Cage movies.  This movie has two scoops of Cage plus Chris Cooper, Meryl Streep, Tilda Swinton and Maggie Gyllenhaal.  It also has one of the sharpest scripts of the last twenty five years.  Somehow it seems drastically underrated.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Some people think it's a funny pot movie.  I think it's a funny movie about trying to find a semi-mythical restaurant.  Priorities, I guess.

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