Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Hate You: Dan Ackroyd

I hate you, Dan Ackroyd.  Or should I call you by your full name?  Comedy Poison Dan Ackroyd.  God, you are a billowy bag of bad jokes.  I don't think you have ever been funny.  To be perfectly honest you almost ruined Ghostbusters.  Seriously, almost ruined it.  You're specifically the reason I haven't watched it since I was a kid.  You make me want to fucking puke.  I hate your old Saturday Night Live sketches like they were new Saturday Night Live sketches.  Some people might hail your work in dramatic roles such as Driving Miss Daisy or My Girl as quality performances.  If that's truly the case I deliver a quality performance everyday around ten o'clock depending on how big a bowl of cereal I eat in the morning.  I will grant you the concession of The Great Outdoors where you played an unfunny, pompous, pathetic asshole.  I guess maybe it wasn't much of a stretch.  Everything you touch turns to fetid vomit.  As proof of this I offer your entire career as evidence.  I wish there was a word for how an actor's face can appear on screen for just the smallest hint of a second and the whole movie turns into a piece of garbage that should have never been conceived of in the smallest incarnation let alone released and viewed by millions of viewers.  Oh, wait, there is, Dan Ackroyd.  Flap your jowls somewhere else, Ackroyd, I'm not interested.

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  1. Posted 3 years ago, still a somewhat enjoyable rant. Watching 50 First Dates, and god, he sucks so fucking much.