Monday, October 18, 2010

The Secret of Kells

Secret of Kells is totally awesome. Based in part on Irish history (the setting and some of the story) and mixing in some mythology and fantasy makes for quite an captivating tale. If Secret of Kells had to exist as a short story it would seem fitting flowing from the pen of Neil Gaiman. But then itwould be stripped of its visual beauty which blew me away. One segment in particular that induced euphoria was where Brendan has to go questing in the mystical woods for some gall nuts, which in turn sends him crossing paths with a faerie/wolf spirit type creature named Aisling (both pictured below). Yeah sure, I know this sounds like some bullshit story that the burnt out acid-head around the way would spew out endlessly but unlike that asshole Secret of Kells actually delivers (and you can just shut if off if it does not).

Talk about an animated feature that really delivers on all fronts, this one has it all. I love an animated movie that is so engrossing that it has the power to really take you on a journey that can only be achieved through the medium of animation. Some Hayao Miyazaki films are a prime example of this (Howl's Moving Castle is one of the best, and his next one is another Porco Rosso!), The Iron Giant was another top notch feature that really uses this form of expression to its full extent.

Sound awesome or what! ...... Whats that?!? ... This sounds like nutty kids stuff?? Not for a sophisticated chap like yourself? Whatever then, I guess you can just go and watch something more hardcore like Oldboy.... wait, you say Oldboy is to much for you?? Ok, Ok, I understand: you want to spend your time seeing some played out new comedy that yet again makes you feel like your at some awkward celluloid family reunion with Michael Cera as the guest of honor. Well, whatever, if you get sick of that shit and decided to invest in some good taste then Secret of Kells would not be a bad place to start.

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