Thursday, October 21, 2010


Dagon is one of the few Lovecraft inspired films out there that gets it right: its very entertaining while staying somewhat genuine to the source of inspiration. I guess this is not to surprising given Stuart Gordon made it, I mean this guy has already made the only other decent Lovecraftian movies amongst the fairly small sea of competition. I have wanted to re-visit this one for awhile now as I remember the original viewing to be quite entertaining. I specifically remember a scene that has to be one of the most intense face ripping scenes I have ever laid eyes on. Even more interesting, this act of is performed by some elite fish-man (gilled neck and all) for ritualistic purposes that seem true to the little I actually know about lovecraftian lore. If you search for "dagon face rip scene" in google the first response is:
"Dagon - face rip - greatest movie deaths of all time". This movie also pulls off being fairly funny , not taking itself all to seriously which adds to its b-movie charm .
Thinking of all this reminds me that Guillermo del Toro is working an adaptation of a Lovecraft story which if all goes well should be fantastic ... on another note concerning gogle searches, try searching for "dagon" in google images; the results on the bizzar-0 scale rank pretty high up there. There are so many awesomely bizarre images that its hard to pick a favorite but this one on page 5 may be the best (this guy does in fact look like some of the creatures in Dagon):

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