Sunday, October 3, 2010



(It was remarkably hard to find an image pertaining to this movie, probably because everyone is collectively trying to forget it.)

Initially I was so filled with vitriol after seeing this movie that I wanted to run home and layer my intense hate upon well deserved hate in a sort of bean dip of hate but I let it go and after a week it has mostly abated.  It was just so stupid.  Every time someone said something, I thought, that's ridiculous, nobody says those words in conjunction with those other words in response to yet other utterances nobody would bother to produce.  And that's just the dialogue.  The plot does have some merits.  The initial premise that these people are stuck in an elevator with four other people, one of whom is the devil incarnate, could have worked.  They just kept blowing it with every plot turn.  Have you ever been riffing on some subject with a friend who just keeps inserting inane, unfunny, unrealistic smaller riffs into the greater riff?  Yes?  Well this is the movie that friend would make.
M. Night Shyamalan didn't write or direct this movie though he is credited with the story and producing.  It has to be the only thing that got this mess into the theaters.  There's so many straight to dvd movies that are better made than this, it's an injustice.  All that being said, we did laugh our asses off for most the movie.

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