Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Expendables.

The Expendables

So Sean and I actually paid money to see the Expendables the other day.  I came away with two things.  The first thing was that I love watching Sylvester Stallone run.  None of the movements involved in making that slab of beef pie (not cake, pie) move seem to be in conjunction with each other.  His shoulders bunch and remain motionless, his legs piston for more than they're worth and he apparently has a stroke but at no point do his arms ever do anything that seem to help him move.  I think I could watch his running scenes on a loop for maybe five minutes and then later again for two minutes and then probably never think about it again until I caught The Expendables in some sort of situation wherein I would not be able to get away.  Like if I was paralyzed in the hospital and couldn't reach the remote.  And then it would probably register a grin.  Unless my situation was particularly grim.
The other thing I came away with was a new word for when I'm taking a shit.  I'm taking an Expendables.

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