Monday, February 20, 2012

The Stephen King Project: Quicksilver Highway

I had never heard of the movie Quicksilver Highway before beginning this project and I wish that were still the case. I'm not sure which channel this was originally on, it feels Showtime-y, but that channel probably should be boycotted. Also, full disclosure, I only watched about twenty minutes of this movie before I threw up and switched over to actually "talking" to my friends.
The story begins with a soon to be married couple stranded on the side of a little used back country highway. The groom has stripped to his pants and wife beater while the bride is still in full regalia. This short segment is so riddled with plot holes (it's only an introduction to the story for christ's sake) that I felt like rewinding it to get every quip in that I felt it deserved. But for as much trouble the opening caused me I was not prepared for Christopher Lloyd's appearance as Aaron Quicksilver.

A less than desirable RV sort of stumbles down the deserted stretch of highway. It stops directly in front of the bride, still wearing her veil and gloves mind you, who is sitting in the abandoned car waiting for her groom to walk for help. She rolls up the window but is subsequently relieved when Christopher Lloyd strolls up to see if she needs help. As a matter of fact she does and she's all to happy to accept help from a man wearing a Grace Zabriskie wig and leather, foot to cape leather. Honestly, he looks like Ronnie James Dio's weird aunt. Christopher Lloyd takes the bride into his RV which is magically at least four times the size inside than it is outside and informs her that his name is Aaron Quicksilver and he travels around telling people scary stories. I can't tell how Christopher Lloyd is playing this character. Is a fun Dracula? Is he a flamboyantly gay corpse? Was he on his way to a desert viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? This is when I decided I didn't want him to tell me anything, besides where he bought that wig, and I turned it off. I may make an attempt to revisit this but the idea sounds about as much fun as having really bad diarrhea. It's a toss up.

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